Michael McGrath

I used to get regular massages until I was introduced to shiatsu.  I haven't had a regular massage in the past fifteen years because shiatsu has better results for me.  When I had a regular massage, I would feel soft, heavy and sluggish.  When I have shiatsu, I feel light, clear and energetic.

Sara Cleveland, Cellist

I found my way to Cynthia by way of other musician friends who preceded me on a path to healing performance/practice related “injuries”.  In my case it was a frozen shoulder that might have curtailed my career, had it not been for several intense weeks of Shiatsu with Cynthia. Thanks to her ministrations, not only my shoulder, but my mind was freed to make the changes necessary for a full recovery.

Bryan Beecher, Executive Manager, U-M Information Technology

I replaced my therapeutic massage weekly sessions with sessions with Cynthia. Her shiatsu sessions are more effective (and somehow "deeper") than ordinary therapeutic (deep tissue) massage work. In a very unusual way, shiatsu frees parts that feel "stuck" (e.g., joints, muscles, and fascia) more effectively than a deep tissue massage. This was very surprising at first for me since shiatsu is so much gentler than massage. I think that Cynthia has good intuition with her work. Although I will rarely mention a specific ache or pain, as the shiatsu session progresses, Cynthia somehow discovered the root causes, and by the end of the session any nagging ache is gone.

Susan Caya, Director of Training, Inter-Cooperative Council

Cynthia and I have a very synergetic/compatible client/shiatsu therapist relationship. It works extremely well for me (and I think her) because she is very competent, willing to be open and make changes and likes her work tremendously. I just try to be present and relax totally into the process itself. Shiatsu and my body are made for each other, and Cynthia aptly facilitates this partnership. I try not to think about my sessions ­ not to conceptualize what my body feels ­ just relax into the sensations and flow of energy (both in my body and between Cynthia and I).