Shiatsu 101

Shiatsu is a body healing therapy that dances with ancient Chinese medical understanding dating back to China’s Han Dynasty era (206 BC - 220 AD).  Shiatsu is Japan’s systemization and refinement of these ancient Chinese healing principles. The word itself is Japanese for “finger pressure.”  

Shiatsu brings harmony to the life energy within your body.  It is used to maintain health, vitality and stamina.  It can relieve your muscular aches and pains caused by tension, injury and fatigue. It is also beneficial in treating the symptoms and causes of many common diseases.

The “dance” of shiatsu moves with a system of meridians, or energy rivers.  The meridians contain tsubos, potent entryways into the healing current of these rivers.

In an ESS treatment you wear loose clothing, and lie comfortably on a futon at floor height.  

Cynthia observes the play of yin and yang and the five elements within your body.  She holds, stretches, stimulates, sedates and nourishes your meridians and tsubos. As energy circulates it will ease pain, relieve tension, promote relaxation and strengthen your body's natural healing force.  Cynthia is fluid, natural, relaxed and continuous in her movement and attention.

An excellent introduction to Shiatsu Therapy can be found here:,