White Lotus Farms invites you to delight in exceptional quality, farm fresh flavors and unexpected beauty.  Handcafted breads, cheeses made right on the farm and fresh organic produce are available.

Crazy Wisdom is a full service bookstore specilizing in spiritualiy, psychology and intregrative medicine.  It is a good place to find books on Shiatsu and other Asian-related healing arts.

An excellent and concise site to learn more about shiatsu and its origins.

Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies Ann Arbor - Ann Arbor, MI ...

Offers sessions, classes, workshops, retreats and clinics and are affiliated with the Chicago based six month program in Thai bodywork, mediatation, herbs and philosophy.

Founder of Jomon and Shindo teachings.

Unique Boutique Garden Center in Dexter Michigan.  They specialize in high quality plants, creative ornaments and decorations, and award winning landscape design and installation.

Specializing in both interior and outside landscape design and installation, urban farms and gardens, and maintenance.

Jeehan Cho is an excellent photographer.

Slightly Smitten Kitten offers many cute, unique and handcrafted items; from nursery, kitchen and office decor to make up bags and baby goods.